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S.P.R.A.D Paranormal With Bryan Lovering From the Academy of Sorcery. Late Night Necromancy.

Good Morning Friends and Fellow Researchers. As you Know by following my YouTube Channel Many great things are happening. The Universe is shifting, Stars are dying and Stars are being Born. The planets are aligning and the ages have switched. And so as i Move forward Sharing my experiences With friends and family and fellow researchers. i just wanted to Announce That S.P.R.A.D Paranormal Has joined up with The Academy of Sorcery. And so With this i would like to say that if your are watching this video and are intrigued by this post... if the fire inside you says you should pursue this and you want to learn more please check out the Academy. Bryan has prepared a great Group of specialized trained professionals to help you learn all about the Craft and the Magic the flows around us on a constant basis. Their are courses such as Paul Hill The instructor of the Alchemy Course. And their are Other fellow instructors For Apothecary, Tarot & Oracle Card Reading. And so much more i have found a great family in the Academy. As i know if your heart is into learning your path through real spiritual energy's and experiences. then you to will find a great family here also. Here is a Short video of some of the fun stuff we do. Please Enjoy and may the gods shine love light and laughter in your life and may they smile upon you.

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